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If you are seeking opportunities for professional development, or enjoy performing community service, mentoring or networking with other legal professionals, then the Barristers’ Association is the organization for you. Below are a few examples of the benefits of Barristers’ Association membership:



As a member of the Barristers’ Association, you will have the opportunity to attend informative meetings and workshops intended to expand and hone your legal skills, to help make you a more complete and seasoned attorney.


Community Outreach

You will be able to make a difference in your community by participating in many or our outreach programs.



The Barristers’ Association provides a number of opportunities for networking with other attorneys in Philadelphia and its surrounding communities, whether at our “Meet the Judges” reception, or special events like¬†our Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast and our Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala¬†Networking with other Black attorneys for mutual career development, personal growth, community service and recreation is central to the Barristers’ Association mission.


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